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Edition Elm was established in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1999 by the trombonist and arranger Ivaylo Hristov. Our large catalogue includes sheet music and scores of contemporary Bulgarian music for trombone e trombone baixo accompanied by piano, organ, harp or orchestra, full orchestra scores and also arrangements for trombone ensembles and for quinteto de metais.

We present premiere publications of works by Pantcho Vladigueroff, composed in 1970s – Urtext editions of great master's last piano opuses as well as his complete works for two pianos.

Renowned artists and pedagogues tend to encourage our efforts in spreading Bulgarian musical heritage out with their reviews and comments.

Edition Elm is a member of the Bulgarian copyright society Musicauthor.

Trombone Ensembles

Antônio Carlos JobimGarota de Ipanema

Bossa nova for trombone quartet

Arranged by Ivaylo Hristov.

2' 50"

Penko Gelev.



Trombone e Trombone Baixo solo

Bulgarian music for trombone and piano Vol. II

Jordan Goshev – Five Sketches (1989)

  • Andante
  • Allegro
  • Vivo
  • Moderato
  • Presto
  • Filip Pavlov – Scherzo - Sonata (1996)

    Nikola Takov – Fantasy (1998)

    Piano and solo part.

    Jordan Goshev – Five Sketches – No. 1

    Registadas para O trombone búlgaro CD.


    Quinteto de Metais

    Edvard GriegPeças líricas

    Arranged para quinteto de metais by Ivaylo Hristov.

  • Canção do marinheiro op. 68, no. 1
  • Minueto da avó op. 68, no. 2
  • No berço op. 68, no. 5
  • Noite nas montanhas op. 68, no. 4
  • Canção do camponês op. 65, no. 2
  • Canção do Solveig op. 55, no. 4
  • Ido op. 71, no. 6
  • Halling Dança norueguês op. 47, no. 4
  • Lembranças op. 71, no. 7
  • Fedrelandssang Canção nacional op. 12, no. 8
  • Second trumpet plays also flügelhorn.




    Pantcho Vladigueroff Urtext Editions

    Pantcho VladigueroffPancho VladigerovFour Pieces para piano op. 65 (1973) Urtext

    À Ivan Drenikov

  • Prelude
  • Etude
  • Arie
  • Ratschenica
  • 8' 00"

    P. Vladigueroff – Quatre pièces – Ratschenica


    Dois Pianos

    Pantcho VladigueroffPancho VladigerovMar Dimitro lyo – Bulgarian dance op. 23, No. 2, para dois pianos, Urtext

    From Seven Bulgarian Symphonic Dances for symphony orchestra, composed in 1931.


    3' 45"

    P. Vladigueroff – Mar Dimitro lyo op. 23, No. 2



    Mario AngelovBagatelles para piano

    To my Boryana

  • Prelude
  • Little Song
  • Valse
  • Etude
  • Dance
  • Five small and easy piano pieces for children called Bagatelles are dedicated to composer's daughter who was in the age of four when they were written.



    Roumen BalyozovThree Pieces for solo clarinet

  • Ritual
  • Elegie
  • Moto Perpetuo
  • Three Pieces for solo clarinet (composed in 1981) are dedicated to the famous Bulgarian clarinet player Atanas Kolev. This composition was premiered at the festival New Bulgarian Music in 1982 and holds the Annual Chamber Music Award of the Union of Bulgarian Composers for the same year.

    Roumen Balyozov – Three Pieces – Moto Perpetuo


    Orquestra Partituras e Materiais

    Milko KolarovConcerto

    for bass trombone and symphony orchestra

  • Sonatina
  • Aria
  • Toccata
  • Commissioned by Swiss bass trombone player Johannes Bigler this Concerto was and premiered in 1998 during Varna Summer music festival. It was named by the critics as a brilliant piece... a model of miniature form.

    Bass trombone and piano version is also available.

    Milko Kolarov – Concerto – Toccata (excerpt)