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Réductions et remises

For a limited time only we offer a discount of over 10 percent for larger or bundle orders. Here are our bundle offers in sets of music groupped as follows:

Le numéro ∴ Description des colis musique ∴ Acheter maintenantCat. N ºPC.PrixVos prixRemise
EB5Brass Quintet arr. by Ivaylo Hristov
EF5Les cinq danses de Le Tricorne
ET8Trombone Ensembles arr. by Iv. Hristov
ES1Bulgarian Music for Solo Trombone
EP7Pantcho Vladigueroff – Piano Works
ED7Pantcho Vladigueroff – Works for 2 Pianos
EV7Pantcho Vladigueroff – Complete set

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